Healthcare and markets. Conference dates

Its a hot topic and there are three conferences coming up. Given the amount of market intrusion it may appear to be an example of closing the stable door afer the proverbial, but nevertheless I think they could be valuable.

April 14th BMA round table discussion. No longer open.

June 1st MEDACT AGM The Latest Pandemic: Global trends in the privatisation of health services. Speakers include Allyson Pollock, Proressor of International Health Policy, University of Edinburgh and Anna Marriott, Health Policy Advisor Oxfam.

email MEDACT for if you wish to attend. Only £60 to non-members, including lunch. I’ve previously worked as a volunteer at MEDACT and they have hosted excellent meetings in the past. I’d thoroughly recommend this AGM as it’s likely to be a rare opportunity to hear from health policy experts who are thinking independently rather than advocating for the medical-industrial complex.

July 1st The LANCET Health of the Nation Summit

-a rather astonishing £300 or thereabouts. With a line up of medical-industrial proselytising lobbyists you’d have thought they’d be able to sponsor the costs. How they manage to make it 5 times the cost of the MEDACT confrence, I don’t know. Nevertheless I’ll be going.

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