Personal health budgets

Government announce £4 million boost to give patients control of their health care

Sidney: Hello doc

Doc: Hello Sidney, how are you today?

Sidney: I’ve been spending some of my personal health budget

Doc: Are you feeling any better?

Sidney: They were lovely at the alternative therapy diabetic foot centre, I got scented oils, massages the lot. You should try it, the hours you work, it might relax you

Doc: Thanks Sidney. What else have you spent it on?

Sidney: Well you know that fancy place you sent me to get my heart scan? They offered me a cancer screening body scan, so I got one of them as well, they said I qualified because I had bowel cancer before

Doc: ! Sidney, you had your annual colonoscopy last month, what did you have a scan for?

Sidney: They was checking for everything

Doc: So did they find anything?

Sidney: I don’t know, they said I had to come and see you

Doc: And how much is it costing to see me?

Sidney: Eh? I don’t have to pay to see me own doctor! I wouldn’t have to pay if I was sick, would I?

I mean, what if I’d run out of money?

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