Guardian letters: Principles of the NHS on the line

Guardian letters Monday 22.11.2010

• It was timely to read that Clare Gerada “leads doctors against the white paper”. In doing so she echoes the sentiments of Sir Michael Marmot, the president of the BMA, who hit out at the government’s spending cuts last month, claiming that its insistence that its proposals would create a fairer society were a “grotesque parody of the word fairness”. They both speak for growing numbers of health professionals opposed to the health white paper, many of whom have joined organisations like the NHS Support Federation and Keep Our NHS Public.

The gross and widening inequalities in health and healthcare provision cannot be justified in a society as rich as ours which prides itself on universal health care. A commitment to put patients before profits and defend the principles of the NHS will restore trust in medical professionals and ensure care reaches those who really need it.

Dr Jonathon Tomlinson, Dr Mel Sayer, Dr Ruth Silverman, Dr Jens Ruhbach, Dr Alison Gibb, Dr Helen Godwin

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