Health White Paper: objections from doctors increases

Letters in The Times and Financial Times today 13.12.2010

BMA policy is to uphold the founding principles of the NHS (which are held dear by British citizens) and states that “health care should be on the basis of public provision not private ownership, co-operation not competition, integration not fragmentation and public service, not private profits”.

With health professionals and the concerned public so opposed to reforms, it would be folly for the Government to impose them.

Times letter signed by over 150 doctors.

Financial Times:

Only sustained, concerted and well-argued resistance will deflect the coalition from a course which threatens not only the equitable and progressive development of the NHS but also the government’s claim to found changes on sound evidence. The NHS must evolve. Let it do so on the basis of changing human needs, clinical discovery and rational resource management rather than in pursuit of political dogma.

Harry Keen,

President, NHS Support Federation

For a letter in a similar vein see

this Letter to Lansley

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