Times letter signed by 300 doctors

Published in The Times today.

The wholesale re-engineering of the NHS and the destruction of primary care trusts is expensive and unnecessary

Sir, As doctors we believe the Health Bill represents an irreversible step towards the dismantling and privatisation of large parts of the NHS. The Health Secretary is already implementing its proposals even though the Bill is not yet law. MPs and Peers must use this opportunity to avert a disastrous experiment with the nation’s healthcare.

The great majority of doctors — GPs as well as hospital doctors — oppose it. So do leading experts in the King’s Fund, the universities and many significant organisations, including the Royal College of Nursing and the Community Practitioners and Health Visitors’ Association, the NHS Confederation, the Patients Association, and the trade unions with many NHS members, Unison and Unite.

The wholesale re-engineering of the NHS and the destruction of primary care trusts (PCTs) is very expensive and totally unnecessary. If the goal is to involve GPs in commissioning it should be noted that some GPs are already working successfully with PCTs. The Government’s fulsome claims to be engaging GPs cannot conceal that this “policy” is a cloak for hospital closures, mergers and privatisation.

The use of Monitor to compel commercial competition will make hospitals subject to EU competition law and threaten the end of an equitable service. There is much evidence that price competition in a market worsens healthcare and no evidence that it improves it.

There is no democratic mandate for the Bill — the policies received no mention in election manifestos or in the Coalition Agreement. We urge Parliament to reject this unnecessary Bill, which does not reflect the enduring values of the NHS. These are cherished by the overwhelming majority of the population.

Professor Wendy Savage

Dr Ron Singer
Medical Practitioners’ Union

Professor Aneez Esmail
University of Manchester

Sir Iain Chalmers
Editor James Lind Library

Dr Sheila Abdullah, GP (Retired)

Dr Salma Ahmed, GP

Dr Hazeem Alaaraj, Medical Trainee

Dr Phil Alderson, Public Health

Dr Janet Andrews, Consultant in infectious Disease

Dr Monica Aquilina, GP

Dr L.N.J. Archer, Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist

Dr John Atkins, Consultant in Fetal Medicine (Retired)

Dr Lesley Bacon, Consultant in Sexual and Reproductive Health

Dr Arun Baksi, Emeritus Consultant Physician

Dr Simon Barry, Consultant Chest Physician

Dr Jane Beckley, GP

Dr Anita Berlin

Dr Maureen Bhatti, GP

Dr Stephen Bick, GP

Dr Shirine Boardman, Consultant Physician

Dr David Bostock, GP (retired)

Dr Dorothy Briffa, GP

Dr Raymond Brown, Consultant Paediatrician

Dr Jo Buchanan, GP

Dr Ruth Clancy, Consultant In Sexual and Reproductive Health

Dr James Chan, Foundation 1 doctor

Dr Leon Clark, GP

Dr David Cohen, Consultant Stroke Physician

Dr Deborah Colvin, GP, Chair of LMC

Dr Beatrice Cooper, Consultant Community Paediatrician

Dr Josh Cullinane, Public Health MA student

Dr Melanie Davies, Past president MWF Consultant O&G

Dr Nick Dennis, Snr Lecturer Clinical Genetics (Retired)

Dr Monica Desai, Specialist registrar in Public Health

Dr Andrew Dicker

Dr Sarah Divall, GP

Dr Jienchi Dorward, GP traiinee

Dr Gordon Drummond, Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Peter Draper, Public Health (Retired)

Dr Danny Dubois, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr Mary Eminson, GP

Dr George Farelly, GP

Dr Henry Fell, Consultant Microbiologist

Dr Jacqui Ferguson, Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst

Dr Veronica Fisher, GP Retired

Dr Mike Fitchet, GP

Dr Adam Forman, GP

Dr Katy Gardner, GP

Dr Colin Godber, Consulant in Old Age Psychiatry (Ret)

Dr Charmian Goldwyn, GP (retired) Medical Justice

Dr Natasha Gordon, GP

Dr Margaret Hannah, Deputy Director of Public Health

Dr Patrick Harboow, GP

Dr Roger Hayter, Consultant Physician

Dr John Hayward, GP

Dr Larry Haywood, Consultant Oncologist

Dr Margaret Hickman

Dr Paul Hobday, GP

Dr Julia Hodges, GP

Dr Tom Holland, GP

Dr Kim Holt, Consultant Community Paediatrician

Dr Richard Horton, Editor of The Lancet

Dr D.C. Hurman, Consultant Oncologist

Dr Mengu Hycilmaz, GP trainee

Dr Louise Irvine, GP

Dr Barbara Jacobs, GP (retired)

Dr Guy Johnson, GP

Dr Coral Jones, GP

Dr Sebastian Kalwij, GP

Dr Dinesh Kapoor, GP

Dr Merav Kilner, Specialist Registrar in Public Health

Dr Judith King

Dr Matthew King, Consultant in Acute Medicine

Dr Sebastian Kraemer, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Dr Martha Leigh, GP

Dr Sarah Logan

Dr Robert MacGibbon, GP Retired

Dr Gary Marlowe, GP

Dr Saul Marmot, GP

Dr Abayomi McEwan

Dr Ellion McGregor, Consultant Nephrologist

Dr Helena McKeown, GP

Dr Stuart Mclellan, Consultant in Aneasthasia and Intensive Care

Dr Honor Merriman, GP

Dr Jennifer Mindell, Clinical Senior Lecturer

Dr David Misselbrook, Dean, Royal Society of Medicine

Dr Sally Mitchison, Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy

Dr Julia Nelki, Consultant in Child Psychiatry

Dr Noelle Murphy, Consultant ED

Dr Gillian Needham, Postgraduate Dean

Dr Elizabeth Newson, GP

Dr Carol Norris, Consultant Physician

Dr John O’Dowd, Consultant in Public Health Medicine

Dr Sahota Onkar, GP

Dr Tony O’Sullivan, Consultant Community Paediatrician

Dr Arun Patel, Consultant in Public Health

Dr Clive Peedell, Consultant Oncologist BMA Council

Dr Andrew Platman, GP

Dr William Primrose, Consultant Physician

Dr Abdul Rahim, GP

Dr Daniel Rainbow, GP

Dr Jennie Read

Dr Jo Richardson, GP

Dr Liliana Rise, GP

Dr Rob Rjckborst, GP

Dr Jane Roberts, Consultant Child Psychiatrist

Dr Ali Rofique, GP

Dr Mary Rogerson, Consultant Nephrologist

Dr Thomas Round, GP

Dr Jens Ruhbach, GP

Dr Rustam Salman, Consultant Neurologist

Dr Mel Sayer, GP

Dr Martin Schweiger, Consultant in Communicable Disease Control

Dr Rebecca Scott, GP

Dr Alex Scott-Samuel, Senior Clinical Lecturer

Dr Ruth Seymour, Consultant inRehabilitation Medicine

Dr Kirti Shah, GP

Dr Ajay Sharma, Consultant Community Paediatrician

Dr Paul Shire, GP

Dr Kirsten Shirke, GP

Dr Catherine Sikorski, Junior doctor

Dr Jim Sikorski, GP

Dr Brian Silk, Consultant Paediatrician Med.Dir. (Retired)

Dr Ruth Silverman, GP

Dr Ron Singer, GP

Dr Guru Singh

Dr Surinder Singh, GP

Dr Ann Solomon, GP

Dr Des Spence, GP

Dr Andrew Storey, Consultant Physician

Dr Annie Stork

Dr Stephen Struebind, GP

Dr Maureen Sturrock, Consultant Psychiatrist (Retired)

Dr Fiona Subotsky, Past President MWF/retired Child Psychiatrist

Dr Gupta Sunanda, Consultant Community Gynaecologist

Dr Will Tapsfield, GP

Dr Andy Tate, GP

Dr Dave Tomson, GP

Dr John Tripp Consultant, Paediatrician (Retired)

Dr Carol Trotter, Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry

Dr Grant Urquart, Consultant Radiologist

Dr Ruth Vickers

Dr Sue Walsh

Dr Catherine Ward, Respiratory & General Medicine

Dr Charles Warlow, Consultant Neurologist

Dr Diana Warner, GP

Dr Barbara Wesby, GP

Dr Emma West, GP

Dr Ingrid Wolfe, Child Public Health Research Fellow & Paediatrician

Dr Pam Wortley, GP

Dr Paula Wright

Dr David Wrigley, GP member, BMA Council & GPC

Dr Gavin Young, GP

Dr Venetia Young, GP

Dr Pam Zinkin, Consultant Paediatrician (Retired)

Dr Jackie Applebee, GP

Dr Natasha Arnold, Consultant Geriatrician

Dr Ian Banks, GP, President Mens Health Forum, Member BMA Council

Dr David Bareford, Consultant Haematologist

Dr Helen Barrett, Research Training Fellow

Dr Eric Beck, Emeritus Physician

Dr Jane Beckley, GP

Dr Morris Bernadt, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Beulah R. Bewley, Past president MWF

Dr Lynda Bobrow, Consultant Histopathologist (Retired)

Dr Kambiz Boomla, Senior Lecturer in GP

Dr Nick Burns-Cox, Consultant Urologist

Dr Gordon Caldwell, Consultant Physician

Dr Robert Cumming, Haemotologist (Retired)

Dr Jonathan Dare, Consultant Child Psychiatrist (Ret)

Dr Paolo Domizio, Consultant Pathologist

Dr Matthew Dunnigan, Senior Research Fellow

Dr Tim Fenn, GP

Dr Brian Fisher, GP and Chair of Socialist Heatlh Association

Dr Roger A. Fisken, Retired Consultant Physician

Dr Richard Fitzgerald, Consultant Radiologist

Dr Thomas Fitzgerald, Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Jonathan Fluxman, GP

Dr Andrea Franks, Consultant Dermatologist

Dr Michael Gopfert, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Dr Derek Gould, Consultant Interventional Radiologist, NIHR Senior Investigator

Dr Hugh Grant-Peterkin

Dr Felix Greaves, Registrar in Public Health

Dr David Hughes, Consultant Radiologist

Dr Samina Ishaq, Lead Consultant Acute Pain Service

Dr Barbara Jacobs, GP (retired)

Dr Penelope Jarrett, GP

Dr Efun Johnson, Community paediatrician

Dr Marco Kerac, Specialty Registrar in Public Health

Dr Richard Lehman, Senior Research Fellow Dept Primary Care

Dr Karen Leyden, Consultant anaesthetist

Dr Anna Eleri Livingstone, GP

Dr Karen Lock

Dr Jane Logan, GP

Dr Sarah Logan, GP

Dr Pam Martin, GP

Dr Geoff Mitchell, Consultant Psychiatrist (Retired)

Dr Laura Muckait, GP

Dr Pat Munday, Consultant Genitourinary Physician

Dr Malila Noone, Consultant Microbiologist (retired)

Dr Sophie North, FY2 doctor

Dr Stephen Olczak, Consultant Physician in Endoc. & Diabetes

Dr Roseanna Pollen, GP

Dr Janet Porter, Consultant Accident & Emergency

Dr Kate Richards, GP (Retired)

Dr Judith Richardson, Consultant in Public Health

Dr Russell Roberts, Consultant Nephrologist

Dr Andrew Robins, Consultant Paediatrician

Dr John Robson, GP

Dr Tony Roques, Consultant Haematologist (Retired)

Dr Donna Samuels, GP

Dr Richard Savage, GP

Dr Suzanne Savage, GP

Dr Nigel Speight, Consultant Paediatrician

Dr Andy Stewart, GP

Dr Sarita Symon, GP

Dr Patricia Tate, GP

Dr Jonathon Tomlinson, GP

Dr Norman Traub, ConsultantHaematologist (Retired)

Dr Julian Tudor-Hart, GP, Author & Research Fellow

Dr Tony Waterston, Consultant Paediatrician (Retired)

Dr Barrie Woodcock, Consultant Haematologist

Dr Patrick Zentler-Munro, Consultant Physician

Dr Helen Andrewes, GP

Dr Lucy Carter, GP

Dr Duncan Davidson, Consultant Neurologist (Ret)

Dr Jacky Davis, Consultant Radiologist

Dr Peter Fisher, Consultant Physician (Retired)

Dr Stephanie Govendon

Dr Helen Groom, Vice Chair of MPU & GP

Dr Isobel Hodkinson, GP

Dr Rebecca Hope, Hon Academic Clinical Fellow

Dr Geoffrey Lewis, Consultant anaesthetist

Dr Helen Newton, Locum Consultant in Rehabilitation

Dr Bhatti Osman, GP

Dr Mark Waters, GP

Dr Christell Blunden, GP Trainee

Dr Fleur Fisher, Family Planning doctor and manager, Past president of MWF, Former BMA spokesperson (Retired)

Dr Gerard Reissmann, GP

Dr Luke Zander, GP (retired)

Dr Maggie Eisner, Training Programme Director for GPs

Emeritus Professor Isky Gordon, Consultant Oncologist (Retired)

Emeritus Professor David Metcalfe, Professor of General Practice

Emeritus Professor Martin Pippard, Professor of Haematology

Emeritus Professor John Dickinson, Professor of Medicine (Retired)

Emeritus Professor Ron Taylor, Professor of O&G (Retired)

Emeritus Professor John S. Yudkin, Professor of Diabetic Medicine

Miss Jane Cockburn, Consultant O&G

Miss Jane Dickinson, Consultant Opthalmologist

Miss Audrey Platt, Consultant O&G (Retired)

Mr Matthew Armon, Consultant Vascular Surgeon

Mr John Beynon, Consultant Consultant O&G (Retired)

Mr Griff Fellows, Consultant Surgeon

Mr David Halpin, Consultant Surgeon

Mr Richard Newell, Orthopaedic Surgeon (Ret)

Mr David Paintin, Emeritus Reader in O&G

Mr Adrian Sugar, Consultant &SL in cleft and maxillofacial surgery

Mr Hugh Paterson, Consultant Colo-rectal Surgeon

Mr Bryan Rhodes, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Rick Turnock, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon

Mr John Feehally, Nephrologist

Ms Helene Brandon, Consultant O&G

Professor Richard Coker, Professor of Public Health

Professor David Cottrell, Dean of Medicine

Professor Peter Fleming, Professor of infant health and developmental physiology

Professor Allan House, Director, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences

Professor Chris Redman, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Professor D.G. Seymour, Professor of Old Age Medicine

Professor David Blane, Professor of Medical Sociology

Professor N. Ann Chamberlain, Consultant Rehab Med (Retired)

Professor Christopher Dowrick, Professor of Primary Medical care

Professor William Irving, Hon Consultant Virology

Professor Harry Keen, Professor of Medicine

Professor Alan Smyth, Professor of Child health

Professor Anthony Seaton, Professor of Environmental and Occupational medicine

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