Lansley’s NHS privatisation bill: the movie

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3 responses to “Lansley’s NHS privatisation bill: the movie

  1. I have watched this video through, i thought i knew a lot about this White paper but this man as made it more clearer and understandable. The whole thing just reeks of of exploitation, it has to be stopped.

  2. I don’t know about your neck of the woods but my surgery has rotating locums from every country on the planet. So with the NHS changes, our money for the NHS is going to be leeking overseas. Not that I begrudge anyone a new house, Mercedes or whatever the hell they choose to buy in their country of origin (definitely not a dog in any sort of manger) but if I want my bunions seeing to I don’t want me GP saying he can’t afford it ‘cos he’s having the latest kitchen Carrera tops fitted in outer Mongolia. GPs do not work for the NHS: they are independent contractors essentially running their own businesses. It seems a bit odd to give the whole of the NHS budget to private individuals!
    Underspends in surgeries are the profits of the practitioners.

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