NHS future forum ‘listening’ events

On the 26 April Lansley said in Parliament that

a total of 119 events have already been organised centrally, and the regional and local NHS will organise many more“.

The following 9 events appear to be the only ones being held. It took me a lot of ‘googling’ to find out where they were.  Seasoned journalists like Andy Cowper, the tenacious Richardblogger and Paul Taylor for the London Review of Books blog also had a lot of trouble.

Eventally I found out via the blog of Stephen Bubb, one of the ‘listeners’. If you were wondering whether the ‘listeners’ were going to ‘listen’ or had already made up their minds, you should check his blog or this article from the FT. He only posted the dates on May 6th. He links to the Regional Voices website, which says they posted the dates on April 21st, five days before Lansley’s announcement.

To recap: The DH website does not link to Regional Voices, Lansley did not mention Regional Voices, the ‘blogging listener’ did not mention Regional Voices until May 6th.

It would appear that we may have been misled.

Dates are as follows:

North East 9th May 1-3pm
North West 23rd May 10:30-12:30
Yorkshire & Humber 13th May 10-12:30
East Midlands 18th May 10-12
West Midlands 16th May 10-1
East 13th May 10-12:15
London 13th May 2-4
South East 25th May 1-4
South West 26th May 11-1

To find out more or book a place check the ‘Regional Voices’ website.

Note that it says the post went up on April 21st, 5 days before Lansley’s announcement …

Commentary from the first ‘listening event’ here. Not very complimentary …

6 responses to “NHS future forum ‘listening’ events

  1. Alisdair Cameron

    The first event (this Monday’s) was arranged as far as I know before the future forum. Indeed nowhere in the early publicity (and will have to check on the latest tranche) is mention made of it. Furthermore it originally flagged as being for Vol/Com sector chief execs and not for patients/users etc

  2. As I posted on Bubb’s blog post ( http://bloggerbubb.blogspot.com/2011/05/future-forum-open-events.html ) many of the events are not actually open to patients and service users, and at least one is invitation-only.

    Also, have you seen that John Healey has put down a couple of PQs on the events? Those might get us some answers on Monday:


  3. I was surprised and delighted to see mention of my comments on the first ‘Consultation’ exercise over Health Bill. Thank you for giving me a moment of fame – I am blushing – especially as I am one of those people whom many officials in NHS class as ONLY a patient!

  4. Don’t know if you’ve seen the answers to John Healey’s two PQs on Future Forum listening events, but they’re not very illuminating:



    Basically, DH will publish the full list of listening events after they’ve already taken place.





    Rt Hon Mr David Cameron
    Prime Minister
    10 Downing Street
    LONDON SW1 2AA 27th May 2011

    Dear Prime Minister

    I write to you both with humility and anticipation as you have both expressed in your different ways that you would establish a different style of government which will be more inclusive, reactive and less didactic. The ‘Big Society’ would fit in as a greater expression of these sentiments. In the last fifteen months before and being in government you have also expressed ‘The Country before Party’ philosophy. Both these are admirable and hence this open letter.

    The NHS was conceived on the laudable principles of Universal and Equal access to Health Care in the UK, free at the point of delivery and has been envied internationally. Although the principles are still the same delivery of the service has latterly been left to desire and universality not the norm. Amongst other issues I feel it has become unwieldy. Great strides in Diagnosis and treatment of illnesses quantitatively and qualitatively, increasing longevity, big strides in Information technology with increasing expectations from patients and a constrained budget to name a few have all contributed to this. Thirty five years in the NHS I have seen these changes.

    The last twenty plus years have seen a plethora of reforms to improve the service, some with benefit others questionable. Several Billion pounds have been spent but the cost effectiveness and value for money do not seem very clear and Audits of these are not Public. I think reforms have been seriously restricted in their efficacy or otherwise because of the five (maximum) years Election cycle and therefore changing ideological political beliefs. Even where there is continuity as in the recent decade this is not definite until the day of the election results. There is therefore always the Short termism both for the reforms to be tried and more importantly Tested.

    I sincerely believe the NHS has now reached a Watershed and no amount of ‘reforms’ in the short term on a four to five year cycle is going to be adequate. Any system especially the size and detail of the NHS will have run its time after sixty years and will need a complete make over – A New NHS still based on the founding principles but taking into account the enormous growth in Medical treatments and the financial constraints.

    The way forward for such a major change will have to be Long Term and should be based on consensus and therefore completely Cross Party -Non Political permanently. I think that alone has the best chance of a good and long lasting Health system. I am sure if you hold a referendum on it this will be the Peoples’ choice.

    I implore you as leaders with vision to place the Country’s health above party as you have said before and seriously consider this course. You are in a unique position in time when two of the three Major political forces in the Country are in Coalition and only need the third to join and decide. I then also believe that history will judge you with Great Praise.

    With Sincere Good Wishes

    Yours Truly

    Dilip Kumar (Dr)

    George Eliot Hospital
    College Street
    Nuneaton CV10 7DJ Email:Voice.de.commonsense@gmail.com

    “Knowledge is the Foundation of Enterprise, Hard Work of Success, Experience of Wisdom and Common Sense of Civilisation”

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