The duty of the Secretary of State for Health has not been restored

The rumours in the press and social media that significant concessions
have been made by the government ( Earl Howe )  to the Colleges on the
Bill, not least around Clause 1 duty to provide are false. A real concession would be a return to the 2006 wording, and they remain 100% obstinate about not doing that and not explaining why they won’t.

Please read this briefing which shows the founding duty on the Secretary of State (NHSAct 2006 ) has not been restored and no significant concessions have
been made.

Our focus for public health should now be be on the key Clauses which
underpin  the Red Lines set out in the Lancet article (below) and
restoring the fundamental duties of the sec of state.

Believe nothing until it is on the face of the Bill,(and checked by
independent lawyers) the same goes for reassurances about CCGs Clause
(12)and geographical areas and autonomy Clause 4.

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