The last thing the NHS needs right now.

Excellent presentation by public health consultant David McCoy.

4 responses to “The last thing the NHS needs right now.

  1. All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpy together again, but there if there is by then a government in power with the will to put the NHS in England back together in the way that you would wish it to be, there will probably be in existence by 2020 an external provider which could reverse the process by buying up or otherwise acquiring or replacing piece by piece the privatised NHS and returning it to public ownership.

    Moreover, it more than likely will be led by someone more fit for the task than any person alive today.

    I refer to the government of an independent Scotland, and the SNP’s Deputy First Minister and Health Secretary, Nicola Sturgeon.

    It won’t be easy or cheap to reverse the process now under way, but I think the elements which could be the key to overcoming the contractual and legal difficulties you forsee could well be in place. Together with Education, Water and renewable power, a management contract for the NHS in England could be a valuable export for an independent Scotland in the early years.

  2. Do you know when that conference was?
    Many thanks, Veronika

  3. Thanks!

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